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About the breed of dog

The Basset Artesian Normand is the most intelligent and cheerful hunting dogs. Instead of the primary features of a hunting dog it is also valued companion dog for a whole family. If he lives in a constance contact with the owner he could be the happiest. It is a dog which loves human presence, is full of heart ,very attached to the owners. It feels the best in a human and other animals society. It has a good relationship with other animals not necessarily with the dogs.

Let's remember that Basset is a hunting dog. If it has an experience in hunting will perfectly proclaim a track, will not be fooled by a scent and it will not come voluntarily. May hunt in a pack or alone. This dog is a good tracker with a strong, low voice and a great sense of smell. It works in the open and in the densest thickets. While hunting uses his perseverance and intelligence, racing game - it does not breathe her for a moment.

The dog comes from France, where is very popular. In Europe, often remains a curious canine exhibitions. In Poland, Basset Artesian Normand dog is unique. We-as a dog- breeding these beautiful dogs feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. We are happy to tell about our Bassets and we are always open for visiting us.

A bit of history

The Norman Artesian Basset was created to hunt with firearms on rabbits and hares. But it also takes the trace of a wild boar. These dogs come from large hounds. Their short legs are formed as a result of genetic mutation. This phenomenon also occurs in other animals. The country of origin - France-there were two types of Basset (Artesian and Norman) grown by two independent growers: Coutelux le Count de Canteleu and Louis Lane. Norman type - quite heavy and mellow, and Artesian - compared to the Normandy light, agile. From their crossing was developed an excellent hunting dog. Since 1890, grown in pure breed as the Basset Norman Artesian


Patient and sympathetic. Heart raises its appearance - the sad clown. Very intelligent, dynamic, independent and obedient. He has all the advantages of first-hunt dog. He is endowed with a strong territorial instinct (well guarding your house) and bass and loud voice. In contact with him, no "household member stowaways" - does not win. Having him as a family member you do not have to worry about unwanted pet or "nosy neighbor".

Basset lives a relatively long time. His departure will result in an enormous emptiness and regret, as against its owner he is always nice, warm-hearted, loyal and very friendly. Bassets love all kinds of games, because they are very active animals, perfectly suited for growing a child. However, young people have to remember, that four-legged friend should not to be pulled by too long ears and respect his right to a daily nap. Despite the passage of time, the dog willingly goes to the forest at a later age. He has a short, strong (can be bent) outside the front legs, shoulders oblique and muscular, round thighs and muscular, hocks low set relatively strong and clear angulation. It has an iron health and hair easy to care for. It is persistent, easy to lay, intelligent, attached to their owner.

Following reads perfectly, never is confused and does not come off the trail voluntarily. It will not blindly chase game because he realizes that his short legs sometimes there is no

chance of its reach. He will use his perseverance and intelligence. He will track all the time, and preach until taking the victim to the line shot. It has extremely sensitive sense of smell, strong low voice , is very patient and willingly comes to hunting. Requires attention to teaching obedience, showing firmness but you should not be to him too demanding. Eager to learn. He likes moving outside . Learning should start at an early age, the dog will remember what he have learned to the end of life. Overtraining a dog discourages him to work. You should not punish him for making mistakes but you should reward him- it gives better results.

Useful information

It is a hunting dog who loves human presence and sympathy. He is not so complacent and thermophilic like a basset hound, but he loves to be at home and to stretch out on the soft pillows. The length does not bother him in jumping on the couch or chair .The dog perfectly feels at home and also outside of the house.

Let us remember that with regard to his height and length of the ear to adjust suitable bowl. Basset daily demand is around 220 g lean chopped meat to 110 grams of cooked rice, pasta or cereal and about 110 g of cooked vegetables. In addition, food should be enriched with extra vitamins and minerals. You can use high-quality ready-made food - but the issue is feeding on the river - so ...... we can talk about it for hours !

The best treats that can be used as a reward for them are a bone veal or beef. Remember that the bones of poultry, rabbit or lamb - especially cooked can be dangerous because you do ravage dangerous sharp splinters that could pierce the intestine. We must not also forget that the Bassets quickly gain weight, so you should take care of the daily movement. Under no circumstances we can not give him something to eat when he is asking at the table, because snacking between meals damaging his health.

Health and care
Bassets enjoy an iron health in relation to their size, but a strong pro-rata long construction. This is a healthy native French breed. There is nothing to do with the generally accepted statement about Basset's sickliness. You need only remember that breaking through the bushes often hurts his skin (this is related to his passion for tracking). You should also be careful about excessive sun, insect bites or ticks.

It is necessary to monitor their eyes, nose, long ears, which allow ventilation of the middle ear. Bassets are very easy and convenient to maintain beauty. Their short, dense hair does not need a haircut. Muddy paws and belly we bring to order with a damp cloth. Also keep in mind the state of the claws, which, if not be ripped off, you should trim.

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